How It Works

Navigating the repair process

No doubt about it, foundation repairs can be invasive and disruptive to your home, family and property. In addition to often requiring construction work, they call for a significant investment of time and resources. At Foster Construction, we know that sugar-coating the process doesn’t help–but knowing what to expect can make things a little easier.

Executed Projects
Clients Satisfied
Team Members

People and solutions you can trust 

The strongest foundations are built on trust. Our team is committed to earning yours by making the entire repair process as safe, smooth and efficient as possible.

Our Process

Our solution-driven process


After contacting Foster Construction, we’ll perform a site inspection to assess your property, evaluate your concerns and document our findings.


We’ll obtain the measurements we need to develop one or more options for repair.


Once you’ve confirmed the plan that works best for you, we’ll develop an estimated cost for the scope of work that outlines important project details.


After you’ve received, reviewed and approved the estimate, we’ll go through all project information together so you’ll know exactly what to expect and when.


Foster Construction will get to work, complete the project and return your property to a sound condition.

Our Standard

With every project we take on, our goals remain the same: 

Offer fair, honest solutions delivered with integrity. 
Never perform work that’s unnecessary or inefficient. 
Use only the highest quality materials and products. 

Do’s and Don'ts

We do business a little differently than other foundation repair companies–and that’s what sets us apart. No matter how large or small a project is, we always keep the customer’s best interest at heart.  

We don’t do sales. Where others sell products and services, our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions. We believe in taking a more conservative approach to foundation repairs. When possible, we aim to eliminate the need for more costly repairs by exploring alternative solutions and improvements.  

We don’t operate on commission. With no salespeople on our team, you can feel comfortable knowing that no commission will ever be earned on the jobs we perform. From estimating to execution, we stay focused on the end result and quality of our work–never on upselling or unnecessary services.

We do offer professional engineering services.* Because a professional engineer oversees all of our projects, there’s no need for you to hire one independently. By serving as both your engineer and contractor, we’re able to streamline the entire repair process—while reducing total costs for our customers. On the other hand, we maintain an excellent working relationship with other local engineers in the region and are happy to follow their repair plans.

* Engineering services are only available to customers in West Virginia.